Money Excessively Spent on Treating Obesity than on Fire Service or Police: National Health Service Chief

The Head of the National Health Service recently stated that the British taxpayers are spending more time and money on treating obesity-related issues rather than on fire service or police.

The chief executive of National Health Service (England) stated that around forty percent of the organization’s work is related to tackling health-related issues like excessive liquor consumption and smoking.

NHS England stated that approximately sixteen billion pounds per year is spent on medical costs that are related to diabetes and obesity. They also stated that fire and the police services cost the British tax payer thirteen and a half billion pounds every year.


Mr. Stevens went on to add that decreasing the amount of salt in the people’s diets has saved around one and a half billion pounds to the NHS and he feels that reducing sugar intake will also have pretty much a similar effect. While addressing the MPs, Mr. Stevens stated that the NHS is now planning to reduce the added sugar out of food as well as drinks as it will reduce health-related issues in future. He also urged the Government to bring out their strategy to tackle obesity among the children in England. The report that is due to be launched in some weeks will make a recommendation that junk food must be banned from being screened near family programs like X Factor orshows like Britain’s Got Talent.

The CEO of the Tax Payers’ Alliance, Mr. Jonathan Isaby stated that Mr. Simon Stevens is correct in raising obesity as an issue, but he feels Stevens was wrong to say that sugar tax is the way to control it. He went on to add that instead of checking with the self-appointed High Priests of the Nanny State in the public health lobby, the Chancellor must take off this regressive tax as there is a lot of evidence to prove that this method will not work.

David Cameron made a statement that Britain’s obesity issue had to be tackled with the same intensity as smoking is being tackled. He also criticized that the most disturbing figures show two times as many children are leaving the primary school obese than arriving with the issue.

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