Diabetes Patients Refuse to Obey the NHS: Hundreds Rebel against the Guidelines by Controlling their Condition with a Low Carbohydrates Diet

A protest against NHS guidelines has seen hundreds of type 2 diabetes patients control their condition with a low carbohydrates diet. More than 115,000 people subscribed to a low carb diet plan that was launched by the forum called “diabetes.co.uk” as a way to fight against the advice that was received officially. More than 70,000 of those who gave up a low fat high carbohydrate diet saw their blood glucose level reduce after ten weeks.

By ditching the official guidelines and consuming a high protein diet and low-in-starch food, more than 75 % of the patients claimed that they are losing weight. One out of ten people lost about 15lbs and one fifth of them stated that by the end of the 10 weeks, they no longer required drugs to control blood glucose. The Public Health England and Diabetes UK, which is Britain’s leading charity for the condition, had suggested those patients with type 2 diabetes maintain their condition with a low fat diet.

However, there has been an increase in frustration with this advice, with lot of people finding it easier to lose pounds if they take off carbohydrates from their diet. This comes after a report by Britain’s National Obesity Forum when it asked people last week to disregard public health advice and consume fat for getting lean.

Arjun Panesar from the “diabetes.org.uk” told The Times that the results from the low carb plan have been pretty impressive and this is the best solution, which is clearly working for people who have type-2 diabetes. David Unwin, who is a family doctor and also clinical expert in diabetes, said that for a lot of years he had followed the advice given by the PHE and Diabetes UK and he did not see it going well. He said that people really found it hard to lose weight and that their blood glucose remained high and many depended on medication.

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